Sunday, June 27, 2010

1 June 2010 in Taiwan

half a day more before they head home. he had got up early to run some errands for the wife, while waiting for the rest to pack up and check out.

after which, they went to look for brunch. spotted this along the way, but didn't try it.

eventually they ended up settling for braised pork rice again. super sinful. all fats all over again. 30NT

some of them probably got sick of it, so they ordered the shop's trademark pork ribs noodles instead. this tasted quite good, can't remember the price though.

the perennial favourite side dish of a certain colleague.

was it mentioned that they just had brunch? once they reached the airport, they ordered food again.

braised pork rice again, this time with the whole chunk intact for greater eating pleasure. a 100NT?

he had pork bone soup ramen instead. 150NT(though very tempted by the braised pork)

2 of them also had a basket of xiao long bao 小笼包 each, but they were too hungry to take any photos of them. sorry about that.

signing off with some pictures from onboard the plane, and this will mark the end of the taiwan trip.

looks really cottony, huh.

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