Wednesday, June 23, 2010

30 May 2010 in Taiwan

2nd day in taiwan on their own expenditure. woke up not too early, and headed round the corner for a breakfast set.

ji ma chen 吉马陈 mee sua shop at ximending 西门町

fat, succulent oysters and braised pork intestine in vermicelli soup. ah, heaven...

the breakfast set came with lotus dumpling and a drink. all for 89NT. dumpling's not as oily as back home, and also smaller in size.

next, they headed to long shan si, and after that, went to the nearby huaxi market.

near the end of the street, a few of them wanted to stop for some chinese dessert. the shop owner was well bearded, somehow, seemed highly skilled.

just next door was a sinful shop. and look what they got. brought this over to enjoy with the dessert, and got chided. the dessert master mentioned that his was a vegetarian shop, and no meat was allowed to be consumed on his premises. the drooling stopped and the meat eaters had to move elsewhere. 70NT

took the mrt somewhere else (can't remember) to head for another famous mee sua shop, chen ji 陈记

ordered the 60NT big bowl, and wow. just typing this post makes him hungry at midnight. oysters were even fatter, and were coated in dough. the intestines however were not as good as ji ma chen 吉马陈. still, it was just as enjoyable to have good oyster mee sua.

took a little walk to ease the stomachs, but the heavens were not willing to let them rest. they strolled right into a dessert shop! mango ice with pudding, every bit of ice was heavily flavoured with condensed milk, don't be fooled by white ice, and the mangoes were ripe and sweet. the trip so far was sweet to the mouth, hard on the stomach. 70NT?

and after fooling around, or being fooled around by food, it was almost time for dinner. formosa chang 胡须张 as recommended by one of the dudes. seemed like they had a special offer, 10NT for braised meat rice!

for the whole of the trip, it seemed that their braised meat meant braised fats. small bowl of rice topped with fats. sauce was good, gobbled up in no time. oh the toll on the heart...

as if it weren't enough. he ordered pig trotters. something must have been wrong somehow, virtually no lean meat on this, just skin and thin layer of fats on big bones. around 80NT

a healthier dish of toufu

body builder didn't like fat pork, so he ordered 2 lotus dumplings instead. no prizes for guessing if he ate the pork belly in the dumpling. (ok, ok, he gave it away and guess who ate them? keeps you guessing...)

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