Sunday, June 13, 2010

24 May 2010 in Taiwan

a gloomy start to the day. clouds were flowing down the submit of the hills , between the valleys. a magnificent sight to behold.

checked out and headed towards kaohsiung - stopped for food at zhenzhong pork ribs. they had a long queue, but luckily it was fast moving.

just 60NT for black pepper pork chops. 2 pieces of pork chops with 3 side dishes and rice. very succulent pork chops, super worth it at that price.

dinner was at a turkey rice stall. the turkey wings and drumsticks were really huge, looked as though you could really clobber someone with them. check out the wings on a regular sized plate. or is it still not evident?

the 25NT turkey rice - bits of chicken sprinkled with savoury sauce. looked simple but tasted really good, especially to a very hungry man having his dinner after 8pm.

order a bowl of pig's blood toufu soup too. not as good as the ones he had in singapore when he was younger

the colleague's toufu and century egg sidedish. he ordered this quite often.

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