Sunday, June 13, 2010

26 May 2010 in Taiwan

a search on famous food in the vicinity led them to a certain xiao long bao shop. however, that shop was only opened till 2pm, and they were late by an hour or so.

not wanting to give up, they drove along and stopped by another dumpling shop selling guo tie.

curry and chives amongst the many flavors.

close up

next location - dream mall. 2nd largest mall in asia (or southeast asia?) and some colleagues who had been there before were talking about it.

really huge but nothing much of interest to the lads. except for the the playground on the roof, arcade machines and a ferris wheel. yes, a ferris wheel on the roof, not a puny one at that.

nearly forgot about food, ate at another shabushabu buffet restaurant, 500NT for 2 hours. what was good was the free flow sashimi, seemed very fresh, better than the ones at dongguan market.

some handrolls - and the rest were forgotten by the stomach...

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