Saturday, November 1, 2014

Taipei 24 Oct 2014 - 31 Oct 2014

Went on another trip to Taipei for some negative ions, and for unfinished business. This time, managed to reach the peak of Yangmingshan and eat stinky tofu (urgh initially).

Redeemed KrisFlyer mileage, 1155hrs flight on 24 October to Taipei, and 1735hrs flight on 31 October back to Singapore.

Bought Chunghwa 3G card for 500NT, which came loaded with 10days' unlimited data and 100NT worth of airtime, only available at the airport. This is a better deal than previously, 450NT for 7 days' unlimited data.

To get to the counters at Taoyuan International Airport Terminal 2, turn left after your exit arrivals.

Transport to city
The shuttle service to Taipei Main Station Kuo-Kuang 1819 was still priced at 125NT. The older buses are not as comfortable, pray that you get the newer and more spacious one.

Probably get to reach Taipei in under an hour if the traffic is smooth. Unfortunately, it was the evening rush hour, and the bus could only travel at a crawling pace.

Stayed again at Lion City Hotel, Huayin Street. One of the few true budget accommodation left in the area. Even Golden Dragon which was opposite had given way to Puri Hotel and Star Hostel.

Anyway, cost was 600-680NT/night back in 2012, this time round, everything started from 880NT. Quite a marked increase.

Place was slightly renovated, laminates instead of cement screed at the corridors, the larger and more expensive rooms were better furnished too. Took a small room, which had half a bath tub, extremely annoying to take a shower in. The room also sported a ~15" CRT TV, awesome.

This place also does not provide bath towels, only hand towels. Be warned if you're extremely picky.

Day 1
Tonghua night market - Elephant Hill

Day 2
Longshan - Yuanshan gardens - Lin An Tai Historical House - Danshui - Beitou - Ningxia night market

Day 3
Baimiweng Fort - Miaokou market - Lover's Lake - Dawulun Fort - Dawulun beach

Day 4
Sandiaoling waterfalls - Lion's Mouth Peak - Bitou Cape - Jiufen

Day 5
Wulai waterfall - Bitan - Gongguan night market - Taipei underground malls

Day 6
Yangmingshan (Xiaoyoukeng - Main Peak - East Peak - Lengshuikeng)

Day 7
Wufengqi Waterfalls - Yulinshipan Trail - Wai Ao beach

Day 8

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