Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Yet another belated update

Not sure if he's been too busy, or lazy. But here goes, another mashup of pictures.

Current stash, gonna get the 25 next time. Just to try out.
Made steak, and made a sauce out of the bits sticking to the pan. Google and YouTube are his best friends.

Tried to make rosti, you can see the result for yourself. But hey, the russet potatoes still tasted fabulous.

Ramen at Bari-uma with the dad and the second brother. This was after visiting the mom in hospital. She probably would be angry that she was left out of this.

Made clam soup with his online purchase

Yummy squid, packed with roe. One man took all.

Instant noodles with scallops and celery for variety

Braised ribs with shiitake and kelp. The kelp was left to soak overnight in the fridge. The secret to getting gelatinous kelp is to soak it well before cooking.

Chilli Argentinian prawns.

Too lazy to cut into fine strips, so he made wedges. With celery that were almost going to wilt.

Stir-fried clam. Simple but yum.

Fried mung bean vermicelli with seafood. Mistook it for vermicelli, but that was fine, loved mung bean vermicelli anyway.

Random attempt at ramen setting.

An ex-colleague came by to share his Chivas. So he had to take out his collection for a good tasting session.

Had a get-together with ex-classmates. Felt really good. Enjoyed the Malaysian chicken curry. Played Resistance for the first time and liked it a lot.

Even had leftovers to pack home for the next day. Love this curry.

Healthier attempt after the sinful curry meals.

Instant noodles ramen-style attempt again. Love the silky tofu texture. Just slips down your throat so nicely.

Canned mackerel from 7th month prayers. Stir-fried with garlic and chilli, and garnished with spring onions. Colleagues commented that this looked delicious.

Another ramen day. Getting sick of it.

Spinach with mushrooms and scallops. Stirred in some corn starch to make a gooey sauce like in Chinese restaurants.

Made pork hock beehoon with the sinful can of pork. Thanks to Google for helping to find the recipe.

Tatsumoto brand of sausages. Good and reasonably priced. Ate with raw garlic slices, just like in Taipei.

Seafood and bittergourd soup. Many people turned their noses up at this. Thought it was quite edible though.

Sausage again, from the same pack. Now you know it comes in packs of 5s. Opened a can of baked beans to go with.

Made pork hock beehoon again. Oh the sinfully oily gravy.

Meetup with colleagues and ex-colleagues at his place. Whipped up chilli crab and braised pork, while one of them brought salad and Coke chicken wings.

The other colleague brought moscato and sparkling wine.

And he helped to finish the 18 too.

Made fried rice with the remaining rice the next day.

Tatsumo-brand cheese sausages and stir fried cabbage for dinner.

The cheese sausages again for dinner on another occasion.

Also hosted the parents and the aunt to lunch on a weekend. Chilli crab, and prawns, and pork ribs soup.
A previous attempt at chilli crab, with too little sauce

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