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28 Oct 2014 - Taipei Day 5

Day 5 - Wulai waterfall - Bitan - Gongguan night market - Taipei underground malls 

Wulai Waterfalls

Took the train to Xindian, and the bus stop for 849 is along the main road. Almost everyone was either an old man or old woman, so he had to stand for the entire trip.

From the bus stop
Wulai "rapids"

Atayals are watching

Walk on, and enjoy the hilly sights

Tracks used by the "mini-train" to ferry passengers to Wulai Waterfalls.

Not much water today, huh

Nice emerald waters

Falls meet street

Walked on the path toward Neidong Forest. Some parts had huge clumps of faeces. Not too sure man or dog.

Creek has lush greenery

Spotted this hairy bugger along the trail.

More Atayals eyeing you. Jogging appears to be popular in Taiwan. Saw someone jog in the underground malls too.

What poisonous insect did this?

Falls from the platform

Mailboxes also want to pose with the falls

Cable car to the theme park

Stairs that lead to the Waterfall Park uphill. Except for a memorial ground for the aborigines, really nothing much to see.

You may have realized. What happened to Neidong Forest? Didn't go there, reached the tunnel and turned back. Thought of going back for a hot spring soak, but ended up not doing that either.

Bamboo rice (60NT). First shop at Wulai Waterfall Park, the stall with an old couple selling betel nuts and charcoal grilled sausages. The old lady made really good sausages, crispy on the outside (35NT).

Old lady: - Japanese -
Boy: Sumimasen, watashi wa nihon-jin ja-nai.
Old lady: Eh?
Boy: Wa umm si jit poon lang.
Old lady: Eh?

Then she seemed to know a lot about our laws. No chewing gum, rising cost of living, corporal punishments, etc. And, she knows that nobody chews betel nuts over there. Her husband ignored her though.

Temple and the surrounding hills.

Walked on the road on the other side to reach the bridge.

Look-back at the place

Another picture of the bridge and emerald waters while waiting for the bus


A promenade just outside Xindian Station where people can jog or cycle, or peddle a boat. Water is emerald, similar to Wulai's. Eagles and gulls were also surfing the wind here. Watch one soar higher and higher in the clouds, until it could no longer be seen. Then he left for Gongguan night market, had stinky tofu for 35NT. Not too bad.

Bitan Bridge

Ponderosa at Gongguan, no longer in Singapore. Nostalgic.
Taipei Underground Malls

Went to recce the exits for Taipei Bus Station and Taipei West Bus Station. Also took the opportunity to walk the areas R, K, and Y.

Glad he did that, as he found some yummy stuff.

This stall was manned by 2 young fellas, and the chaoshou (dumplings) cost 50NT for about 8-10 dumplings. Returned here almost everyday to eat. They also had century egg + tofu (30NT), shredded chicken rice (30NT), and a variety of soups and noodles.

Hongyou Chaoshou

Went further up towards Y28, and found mala duck blood curd. The young lady boss agreed to mix stinky tofu and blood curd for him. A huge bowl came, and it only cost 60NT. Same cost as what he had in Tonghua night market, but a much larger portion. The stall sells other soups too. He would also return here almost every night to try other stuff.

Mala duck blood curd and stinky tofu

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