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24 Oct 2014 - Taipei Day 1

Day 1 - Tonghua night market and Elephant Hill

Fluffy cotton

About to land

After settling the lodging, proceeded to Taipei Main Station to get an Easy Card for metro payment. The nice lady at the counter shared that one could avoid the non-refundable deposit by buying at the automated machines. Previously, on the previous trip, paid 1000NT for a card with only 900NT value.

Slotted in 700NT into the machine, and got a card with 700NT value. Time for food.

Public screening of Frozen at Huayin Street, Mandarin dub

Tonghua nightmarket
Went to Xinyi Anhe Station on the Red Line to grab some food from Tonghua night market. The place was crowded, and some artistes were running around, probably filming for some variety show.

Ate some flame-grilled Angus beef (60NT), and then try the mala duck blood curd and tofu (60NT).

Duck blood curd and tofu in mala soup

Flame grilled Angus beef cubes. Juicy.

Elephant Hill
Then it was time to head to Elephant Hill for some night shots. It is to be noted this was the only time the tripod was brought out for this trip.

Taipei 101 from outside Xinyi Anhe MRT. Love the sparkly floor.
Directions were pretty clear, had to cross a park, then take a left turn which went up-slope, and then an inconspicuous steep flight of stairs on the left side of the road. It was quite a tough climb, not too many resting points along the way, but it was well lit. Thought some peace would be found at night, but no, there were quite a few groups of people being noisy at the peak.

The trail leads to other hills, like Muzhi Shan, but he was already too tired that night.

Taipei 101 from Elephant Hill

Taipei 101 from a park in the vicinity of Elephant Hill

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