Monday, November 10, 2014

31 Oct 2014 - Taipei Day 8

Day 7 - Ximending - Homeeeeeeeee

Slept in this day and took his own sweet time to pack.

Bought some breakfast from 7-11
Bought food from 7-11, just in case he missed it back home. And also wanted to get congyoubing from the store at the corner of Huayin St, which was unfortunately sold out. So he tried their niu rou xian bing (beef cake), which was awesome. The filling had rich broth and contained scallions, very similar to xiaolongbao. Delicious stuff.

Laid down and watched some TV and rested until about noon for the check-out. Left his luggage at the reception before heading to Ximending for some shopping. Checklist, shoes, backpack and pouch.

The day was extremely hot, he had to keep finding air-con places to cool off. Finally found a shop that sold men's shoes, and bargained the 980NT shoes until 800NT.

Walked a little further down and saw a backpack that he quited liked (890NT) and a waist pouch (450NT). Tried a 1000NT, then 1200NT, but the shopkeeper said no. He paid 1300NT for the 2 items.

Checked the time and it was about time to get back and pack the new loot.

Went to Taipei West Bus Station from the underground mall to escape the heat, and bought 1819 tickets for 125NT to Taoyuan Airport.

The check-in at SIA was extremely slow, and one Taiwanese auntie got very pissed off and started to nag at the staff. They did a good job by remaining courteous. What aggravated the problem was that she needed to use the washroom, but some people seemed to be "talking" for too long at the counters. And she started to say "This is Singapore Airlines, huh? Are these people all Singaporeans?" At the two counters though, were a young Taiwanese couple rummaging through documents (the man was extremely rude when he joined his girlfriend in the queue, pushed people aside without a word), and a Taiwanese family trying to check-in 15kg in excess.

Outside the departure hall

EVA Air's Hello Kitty check-in counter

250NT chicken rice set at the food court. Not too bad. Kinda expensive though, regret not getting more beef cakes.

Seated beside him was an Indian looking man. Turned out he was Singaporean Chinese, originally from Penang. Flew around frequently, dabbled in equipment for oil and gas companies.

And a new addition to the shelves.

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