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30 Oct 2014 - Taipei Day 7

Day 7 - Wufengqi Waterfalls - Linmei Shipan Trail - Wai Ao beach

Wufengqi Waterfalls

First stop of the day would be Wufengqi Waterfalls at Jiaoxi, Yilan.

Favourite spicy chicken thigh sandwich from 7-11 (35NT). There was once he ate 3 of these in a day.

Kamalan bus to Jiaoxi, 186NT for return tickets.
Return trip is open-time on the same day, you're required to get a time-slot from the return station. Retain the ticket stub for complementary rides on the Taiwan Haoxing shuttle service to the Jiaoxi Scenic areas.

Jiaoxi Train Station. This is taken from the Taiwan Haoxing bus stop, the shuttle comes at 1-hr intervals.

5-10 minute walk in from Wufengqi stop. The pool has been closed to public, unsure why. The water did look very inviting though.

Took a picture of the mini-falls as there were a few people up ahead taking photographs.
The first falls. Not really impressive. Quite crowded, some people just soaking their feet.

The second falls after a short climb. Pool area looks shallower.

Taken with fish-eye attachment on mobile.

Tadpoles in the shallow pools.

The third falls was a longer climb. Not much water, and the trail on the left had been fenced off. Saw pictures online of the nice pool at the foot of the falls.

Reminds him of Monkey God's Water Curtain Cave.

Fish-eye again for the full extent of the falls.

Went back down to the first falls, and there was just one girl soaking her feet. Decided to remove his shoes and climb up to the top pool. Had a relaxing cool feet soak for a bit.

Walked out to the food stalls and saw this little bugger, almost like praying "you can't see me". As always, the stalls at the scenic areas charge fairly. 30NT for grilled sausage, and 25NT for Pocari Sweat.
Walking towards the bus stop (it's at the end of the road).

Many dragon flies hovering around the place he took the previous shot.

Palm-sized snail on the nicely mowed lawn at the bus stop.

Last of the shy storks flying away.

Some bird chirping for attention and making poses. Unfortunately, this was the max zoom he could manage.

Look-back toward Wufengqi Waterfalls' trail. In the foreground is the nicely mowed lawn.
While mucking around, the bus came. He ran over and hopped on, displaying his return ticket for the complementary ride. The bus driver almost ripped his ticket to prevent reuse on the Kamalan bus, luckily he was told in time that it was an open ticket.

Next stop was Linmei Shipan Trail. Or so he thought. The driver took him back to Jiaoxi Station, and that was because the 12-ish noon bus does not go there. Gotta wait for the 1pm bus.

Walked around and observed many new developments. Probably the next tourist place.

The building on the left is a toilet. Somehow, everything is so nice in Taiwan.
Reached the Visitor's Centre by luck. Saw people soaking their feet in the pools in the garden. Too crowded, he passed. The people at the Visitor's Centre weren't too friendly, maybe not used to visitors... time was almost up, so he headed opposite for the bus.

Linmei Shipan Trail

Glad that he took the bus, as it was a mountainous winding road.

After alighting, huge power grid along the way to the Linmei Shipan trail

Boisterous group of hikers, let's run away from them!

Can you see how clear the water was?

A wider picture from the mobile.

Another of the many falls along the way.

From the camera. The sound of gushing water was liberating.

Natural pool, if only there were someone to look after his bag.

Same shot from the camera.

Only 5 people at any one time on this flight.

Dead fall. Imagine the damage if it had fell on someone. 

Tentacle tree, probably unfurls it at night to capture errant hikers.

The golf course on the mountain, on the walk in towards Linmei Shipan trail.

Bus ferrying Fo Guang University students. Had a good look, mostly girls. Nice.
Bus took a while to come, waited from 2.45pm until 3.27pm. Next stop was Wai-ao Beach, just opposite Wai-ao Station.

Waiting for the train at Jiaoxi Station. 15NT to Wai-ao Beach, cash only.

Wai-ao Beach

Crossed the road from the station, saw people riding ATV, someone lying on the black sand reading, and Turtle Island in the background.

Stunted papaya tree bearing fruits. Probably product of grafting?

People fishing, and again, Turtle Island in the background.

Man playing with his dog in the water. The waves are quite strong. Saw people surfing, which he thought was quite dangerous due to the rocky shore.

People plant crops on the beach. Hadn't see that before.

There's paragliding too, from the hill, across the busy road, then back onto the beach.

Flora and Turtle Island.

Sprinkler system gently nursing the seedlings.

About 8 puppies, some playing in the bushes, some running after the female dog trying to get some milk. The female dog ran away in the end, leaving the puppies to wrestle themselves.

Good looking holiday apartments.

Look-back, another para-glider headed towards the beach.
More sky, more sky!

Colorful holiday apartment, and a peek of Turtle Island on the right.

Mr Brown Coffee house right at the end of the strip.
Last shot from outside Mr Brown before heading back.

Panicked at Wai-ao Station. There was no ticketing counter or personnel! Went to a nearby surf shop, and the shopkeeper assured him that he could just board the train without it. Only after boarding did he realize, the conductors would walk around asking if anyone required tickets. 15NT back to Jiaoxi.

Saw this in the morning screaming "8 oysters for 100NT". Didn't open until at night.

Oysters (100NT), draft beer (60NT) and steak (120NT). The owner ran out of sausage and kebab, so he recommended the steak. His grill was not hot enough, so the oysters were not as enjoyable as at Dawulun beach.

Searched for the Kamalan station, then realized it was just a shop along the road. Got a time for his return ticket, and the bus came within 5 minutes. Reached Taipei Main Station hungry, no prizes for guessing what he did next...

Tofu and century egg (30NT). Good for cooling down.

Mala Dumplings (50NT). Just can't stop eating this.

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