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26 Oct 2014 - Taipei Day 3

Day 3 - Baimiweng Fort - Miaokou market - Lover's Lake - Dawulun Fort - Dawulun beach

It was a sunny day in Keelung. In fact, the rays were harsh.

Keelung station, from the bus terminal

Had a simple bowl of pork intestine vermicelli (30NT) from the shop just outside Keelung station.

Baimiweng Fort
First stop of the day was Baimiweng Fort, also known as Holland Castle. Take bus 301 or 302, and stop at Bai Village. It would be an uphill climb from there.

Upslope on the fire route. Many vehicles use this too.

Finally at the base of the fort

Looking toward the observation post. Keelung Islet on the left, and Star Cruise pulling in to harbor.
Lookback at the command post before climbing to the observation post.

Back to main business. Long climb to the observation post.

Power station vs Keelung Islet

Power station

Walked back down the slope to the next site. Visited White Lighthouse next, coincidentally, it was open house for just October.

Directional sign to Keelung Lighthouse

Busy port

Was only allowed to move around on level 1, not much views.

Miaokou market
Took the bus back to Miaokou to fill the stomach and replenish supplies. Ate braised pork rice (25NT), and got more water.

Lover's Lake
From the bus stop across Miaokou nightmarket, took bus 505, and stopped at the Lovers' Lake "entrance". Because it's a 20 minute walk to the park. One lady sent him the wrong way, and he had to backtrack.

Another towering power grid

Lovers' Lake Hospital up ahead, on the right path.

Gone in peace, beautiful flutter-by.

Greeted by ducks and swans at the lake.

View of the suspension bridge

At the bridge itself

From the bridge

Map of Lovers' Lake. Trails, let's go!

In love with undulating terrain all over again. Keelung Islet is omnipresent.

Didn't know that this was Dawulun beach yet.

Colorful spider, kinda big. Reminds him of conscript days.

A tower along the way to Dawulun Fort.
At the tower, met a lady with her 2 boys who were very interested in this foreigner. When they knew that he was headed to Dawulun Fort, they warned that it was a really steep climb, and that they had not done that themselves.

In the tower, met this old couple with their middle-aged daughter, and he had fun watching them guess and argue over his nationality. The old lady was also praising Singapore for being orderly, while saying that Taiwan had a lot of "bad people" (talking about the contaminated oil incident). She was really loud, and people were staring as they exited the castle. These three people would also head to Dawulun Fort later, really admire the physical well-being of Taiwanese old people.

View of the lake from the tower.

Dawulun Fort
Steep climb,yet the old people in front could go fairly fast.

Looking back down at the viewing platform

Company bunks

Fire trench


Damaged HQ building

Took the forest trail to Dawulun Beach

Dawulun Beach.

Getting nearer the beach, quicker on the descent

A jogger resting and looking towards the ocean

A small school of squid harboring under the boat. Watched them dance and change color, really amazing.
Also saw some puffer fish scavenger amongst the rubbish at the corner, but couldn't get a good shot. The fish were quite big too, and the tails very small and short.

Looking back toward the shophouses from the harbor.

Hills in the background of the beach. Beautiful place.

Was walking on the road when he saw the shops selling seafood and beer. Might as well try some.

Had a second round of delicious Penghu oysters (100NT for 5, draft beer 80NT).

Plump and good. Unlike the extremely salty ones at night markets, this was fresh, and tasted of the ocean.

Had 3 sticks of beef to go with (150NT), nothing fantastic.

Bus 305 arrived hourly, might as well enjoy the wind and watch the waves before going to the bus stop. The crabs were good, despite waves crashing onto them, they could still hold onto the breakwater.

Waited about an hour for bus 305 to arrive, it was late. A busybody friendly auntie noticed him waiting, parked her bike and went to checkout the timetable beside him. When it arrived, the auntie happily exclaimed that there was really bus service on a weekday.

Panic time, the bus stopped across the road from where the signboard was! Ran across the road but the bus also drove off. Crap. Luckily, it had to U-turn, and the auntie helped to flag down the bus. Thanked her by waving, and it was back to Keelung station.

Braised pork rice (25NT) and pork liver soup (30NT). Somehow, he found himself back at the same stall.

Heading back to Taipei Main Station after a long day

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