Monday, July 1, 2013

30 Jun 2013 - Progress check

Went to the new place for a second day in a row, Saturday was to receive the deliveries for kitchen and bathroom accessories from Universal Union, and lighting fixtures from Dream Lights. Couldn't do too many checks as he had to turn up for badminton. This will be a consolidation from the weekend.

Found cigarette ash on his kitchen floor. How nice to have your house dirtied. Informed the contractor of his (dis)pleasure.

The kerb for the kitchen cabinet is up. His parents' house have the top laid with tiles too, not this time apparently. Could the dark patch at the right corner be due to the workers mixing their cigarette ash with the concrete? Also, with the kerb built around the floor trap, he's also curious to know how the cabinets would sit on the kerb. Maybe they are planning not to have him open the floor trap in future.


Saw his sliding windows up at the service yard. Some plaster were left on the track.

And guess what, looks like some people did some damage to his walls. Informed the contractor.

Looking out, he could see the air-con pipes. The insulation seems a little damaged/torn at the opening of the trunking.

Turned around to check how he should mount his lighting at the service yard. Thought that he should have it wall mounted, such that it wouldn't be blocked by hanging laundry.

The protruding 90 degree skirtings in his house are all like that at the moment. After discussing with his friends on Facebook, he was reminded that a proper joint could be a "miter joint". Even Dad's 30 year old house had a properly done miter joint.

Looking around the house also revealed some better finished joints. Like the kitchen kerb for example.

Another miter joint at the service yard.

Used sand mounds as viewed from his living room. Could need topping up real soon. He likes standing at his window, good breeze.

Loot from the various sources,, Universal Union, Dream Lights, Everjoint and

Trunking in Bedroom 2 taking up previous wardrobe space. No chance for a full-height wardrobe anymore.

 Picked up the others that had not dropped in yet.

Found stones in the master bedroom's sink. One was found caught inside and wouldn't get dislodged. 

Is this becoming a nightmare?

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