Sunday, July 14, 2013

9 July 2013 - Traffic accident

He had just boarded Silvercab SHC6855A for 5 minutes when the driver did an emergency brake on amber at the traffic junction, causing the vehicle to be in the junction box. From the opposite direction, a factory bus started to turn with the lights in its favor. Somehow, the cabbie decided to accelerate from the stationary position. He started shouting at the cabbie to stop, and that there's a bus in front, but within those few seconds, the cabbie did not respond. Not until after the crash. It was quite lucky that the taxi crashed head-on into the side of the bus. Things could have been much worse if it was the bus that had crashed head-on into the side of the taxi.

The cabbie then turned to the left, and stopped along AMK Ave 3. He did not bother to check if his passenger was OK, merely told him that he has to take another cab. Such selfishness.

The bus driver and the cabbie exchanged particulars. He would say OK to be the bus driver's witness.


He had agreed to help another colleague, and had intended to continue on his way to the office. Until he started to feel nauseous and pain in his lower back. When he finally got the taxi, he went straight to Mount Elizabeth Novena. And as it turned out, he would be only be discharged on Saturday (13 Jul'13).

Quite a bit of people visited him, and he drew a diagram to lessen the pain of repeating the sequence of events over and over again.


 Nice gesture from the company.

As of today, he still has pain in the lower back, and the pain also goes down the leg. Can't sit, stand, or lie for too long. Can't play badminton. What luck.

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  1. Had an encounter with this driver earlier on, im
    Riding a motorcycle & he veered into my lane and almost causing an accident, behave like a road bully & very violent driver. Becareful of this silvercab driver SHC6855A. He almost kill me.