Sunday, July 7, 2013

27 Jul 2013 - Progress updates

Ran over last Friday right after work to check out the progress. Had just those last few minutes of light, and was glad that the corner skirtings were rectified. However, they didn't seem well done at all. Also, the tiles at the utility room were left as they were. Found lots of dried paint on the floor, maybe they were flakes? David did not put protective layer over the flooring. Corrugated paper rolls?

Today's a good day. Skies are clear, with beautiful cloud formations. The recent nights have been cool, and that meant good quality sleep. View of Sengkang again.

View of the expressway.

And the snaking LRT tracks towards Punggol interchange.

Carpentry for the kitchen done halfway. Was quite pleased with how the Ibiza Yoko laminate turned out, though... it looks similar in color to the bare plywood.

The glass-door dish rack at the corner. Opens up to a 80 degree thereabout.

His elation was cut short. The recommended height to mount the hood was 80cm from the worktop, but this was barely 60cm (each wall tile is 20x20cm). Definitely a head-knocker. Fed it back immediately to David, but he had not replied.

He remembers reading at IKEA that the recommended was 80cm, and he flipped Fujioh's manual. Also 80cm! Sigh, more hiccups. Also, the underneath of the drawers were bare ply instead of PVC as promised. He'll allow the workers to complete it before making any noise. However, he'll drop a gentle reminder to David tomorrow morning.

Carpentry at master bedroom up next. Overall structure done. Found that the drawers also were bare ply on the underneath, and there were some plaster here and there. Also, the walls were dirtied.

Close up view of the white wood laminate finish. 

Details of the Brazilian Teak veneer door. No wait, isn't this the Wenge instead?! Seems like someone's got the wrong door installed.

Looking to the room's entrance. By the way, the workers used their own "silver" metal door brackets instead of the "gold" brass one by HDB. Wonder if they would keep it or return it to him, if they would be any use at all.

Found some defects today, sad.

The tile at the master bathroom was chipped. The chipped edges were quite sharp.

The skirting's plaster were showing cracks despite having been painted over. Also, the paint had spilled onto the tiles.

Check this out at the master bedroom's windows. Nippon Paint's Ordor-less Premium paint. Freshly painted days ago and peeling. Wonder why he paid so much for the paint. Talking about that, the service yard and his store had not been painted too. There were damages, chipped walls at those locations.

Hmm, the door stopper for the store's door went missing.

Stayed for a bit to feel the breeze at the windows before finally deciding to go. Was still thinking of either IKEA or Courts, and opted to head to Serangoon NEX, for Courts and King and King Wong.

Good choice, saw many interesting items there. Like this chopping board.

Door bells, bells, literally. Saw some other dining table sets and home accessories, but realized that there was a no photo-taking policy, and there were more salespeople around him now. No photos...

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