Monday, June 24, 2013

23 Jun 2013 - Geylang and Jalan Besar

Met up with CT who offered to help him out with purchase of kitchen and bathroom accessories. Met up at Paya Lebar, and had lunch at City Plaza. First time ever he set foot on that place, and the affordable apparel reminded him a little of Wufenpu in Taipei.

After lunch, they headed to Geylang to check out the shops. Just outside City Plaza, there were many foreign workers having picnic under the huge trees, they even had a catered buffet set right there. Must have been a great Sunday for them all.

First stop was Universal Union, and he would spend about 3 hours in there. Served by Chloe, a nice young lady. Bought these items from her:
- Monic 575 stainless steel undermount sink
- Rubine 7245C tap
- bottle trap
- Oyama corner rack
- 2x bidet sprays
- 2x angle valve
- 2x towel racks
- 2x mirror cabinets

Thanks to CT, he managed to get a good discount from the list prices from Chloe. Chloe was also quite accommodating, despite him taking a long while to think things through.

Picture of the tap that was picked. He had wanted the inverted U-shaped one, but CT highlighted that this one had more clearance as the spout was taller.

After that, they took bus 2 from Lorong 44 to Lavender MRT station, where they made a pit stop at the food centre. Got goreng pisang (fried banana fritter), and avocado shake from Mr Avocado. Good tea-break to recharge before walking to Light Craft at Jalan Sultan.

The light that got his attention. $500+. Explored the whole 3-4 levels of lights and his neck was starting to ache. Before leaving, CT also suggested a light that could really be a key feature in his living room, something that would span almost the entire ceiling of the room. They had a good laugh about it.

The next stop was to Jalan Besar, where CT brought him to 168 Trading. This particular light caught his eye, and there was also a memory card slot to play MP3s. The other customers in the shop gathered around and looked on for a while. This one was about $780++, before GST if he remembered correctly.

Felt hungry and it was time to rest the neck and have dinner. Walked to the famous curry rice near Jalan Besar Plaza, and queued for quite a while before he got his food. Pork chop, cabbage, fried egg, and braised pork belly for $4.60. Lots of curry and other gravy were heaped on for a sinful meal.

Headed back down the opposite stretch of road to Felt bad to have interrupted Gewel's dinner, and he ended up purchasing the cutesy $25 "ice cube" for the aisle to the rooms.


Lesson learnt today. Doing your homework, your market survey isn't enough.
- Be aware of what you need to purchase (ignore prices first), and do up the list with the salesperson. This keeps the salesperson interested. He made the mistake of countering the list prices with his expectations for every item.
- Discuss the price with the salesperson only after doing up the purchase list. The person would be more likely to accommodate discounts as he/she would want to close your deal after putting in all that effort.

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