Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Second Discharge

Discharged again today (17 Jul'13), after getting warded again on the evening of 14 Jul'13 due to an allergic reaction. He had hives all over his body which got really painful later. He would then take a taxi to the hospital.

Many familiar faces seen, the A&E doctor, the business office admission lady, the butlers. And they recognized him. Of course, coming back in for a stay so soon. Steroids were pumped in via IV, and there was another painful injection at the left arm. He had to swallow a few pills too.

The dermatologist thought that his tolerance for irritants could have been lowered due to Arcoxia that he was taking for the back injury (due to the taxi crash). She prescribed him Desloratadine for 2 weeks, before he would be due for a review with her.

Afterwards, it felt like he had something preventing the expansion of his lungs, something tight at the base of the throat / upper chest. The cardiologist was called in, and he was put on a 24-hr ECG. Luckily the results were normal...

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