Monday, July 8, 2013

08 July 2013 - Updates

David called back in the afternoon.

1. David had noticed the doors were not the chosen ones, but felt that it wasn't "nice" of him to point out. So he chose to keep quiet, and never thought that the discrepancy would be spotted. Said he discussed with the supplier to offer a discount of $100 if he would keep the doors.

What? You knew that it was wrong and tried to let it go by quietly?

2. David mentioned that the crack in the bathroom floor tile was definitely not made by his workers, and would cost $50 just for repairs.

Oh well, no pictures of the original, not much of a choice huh. Hopefully Mabel from HSC would help him fix that one tile. Just too bad for him.

3. David complained that he was not given the specifications of the hood.

The hob and hood items were bought early to, just to facilitate the carpenter's measurements. It's gonna be for long-term, can't be sloppy about this. Also, it is the carpenter's responsibility to measure the dimensions before building, isn't it?

Hiccups are bound to occur. Not all is bad, David has been responsive so far, and he hopes that David will maintain some form of quality till the end of the works.

Also, David had been very accommodating to his ever changing requirements, and that is very much appreciated.

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