Friday, July 19, 2013

18 July 2013 - Unofficial work validation

Met up with David today to go through the works. He was very defensive and loud. No point in arguing as he was not absorbing at all.

The miter joints for the tiled skirting were badly done. Made Dad's 30 year old house shine.

The uneven laminate/PVC cuts were due to the textured laminate, that was what David offered. See for yourself.

More heartache.

The promised PVC underside of the drawers never came.

The wardrobe at the master bedroom had unfinished edges. David said that some customers liked it that way, because when the paint touch-up fades, it would make things worse. He also mentioned that the edges were like that because his laminate was very thick.

Haphazardly punched hole and dangling wire for the water heater. Just what did he pay for?

So much for paying for premium paint. How did the painters do this? Peeling off already.

Check out the IKEA finishes. Much better, huh?

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