Saturday, July 23, 2011

23 July 2011 - Badminton-less day

Second week that he went without badminton. And that would mean more time for food. Woke up at noon and tried to make brunch with whatever was in the kitchen. Eggs and oyster mushrooms.

Poached eggs in a pan shallowly filled with water. Refrigerated eggs are probably easier to work with, the room temperature eggs he used created a lot of "driftaways". Browned the bite-sized mushrooms with salt and butter in a frying pan.

After all that, he decided he should reward himself with an iced 7-up + lime drink.

One thing he hates about going without the badminton game is that time would usually be spent in malls, which would mean shopping and food. So, they visited Din Tai Fung on this day for some dim sum...

Fried pork cutlet $6.80++. Well-marinated and succulent as always.

Perhaps cutting against the grain helped a little.

Soon after, the beef noodles was served ($10++). Quality's still like the last time they had it, chunks of tender beef and tendons, smooth and springy noodles, and the tasty soup almost had them fighting over the single serving again.

Third to arrive was the basket of 10 pork dumplings (xiao long bao), $9.00++. Yummy little dumplings bursting with delicious soup stock.
(picture seems to be missing)

Lastly (maybe not), was another basket of 10 shrimp and pork dumplings (siew mai), $13.50++. The waiter had to stack this on-top of the xiao long bao basket, and the people at the next table stared for a good few seconds. In awe, in admiration or in disgust at the voracious appetite, he would never know. He didn't like this one that much. The prawns weren't sweet or crunchy, and the top part of the skin wrapping the prawns was too thick. However, the base of pork filling was fine, probably the same stuff as the pork dumpling above.

Was waiting for their refill of tea when he spotted the promotion for DBS card members. 15% off basket of 4 chilli crab dumplings, usual price $6. Looked interesting, so he placed an order for that. Despite the long waiting time, it didn't disappoint. The base was made up of minced pork, and the rest were chilli crab meat, spicy with a tinge of sweetness. Thumbs up to this.

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