Thursday, July 21, 2011

20 July 2011 - Toasted enoki ham roll for night snack

The remaining ham seemed to be mocking him from the chiller section. The mind's saying no, but the body's moving on its own.

Brought the ham out and found 5 slices in all.
Used one packet of enoki mushroms he had bought earlier on, 3 packets for $1.10.
Chopped an inch off the end and rinsed the mushrooms for a bit.
Divided the mushroom clump into smaller portions and wrapped them up with the ham.
Toasted them open-end down for 6 minutes before flipping over to toast for another 3 minutes.

Love the convenience of a toaster oven.

Nitrates from the ham flavoured the mushrooms, didn't need any additional salt.

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