Saturday, July 9, 2011

28 June 2011 - Wandering about Ubud

Got up around 6.30am to wash up and order breakfast. Breakfast is available from 7am to 1pm, and it appears that you may order as much as you like.

Here's the whole spread, delivered to the villa. Read on for closer looks...

His favourite mie goreng, had it every morning throughout his stay. Lightly spiced and not too oily. Good breakfast.

Scrambled egg with pancake

Nicely arranged Bubur Ayam, paired with a saucer of soy sauce with chopped chillies.

Fragrant banana pancake that came with a chocolate dip...

After dipping a few times, she froze after suddenly realizing that there was something in the dish. A lizard! But that turned out to be ornamental... they got to eat with it on many other occasions.

Half way through eating the mix fruit, a fly kamikaze-d into the fruits. What a waste.

Meeting the driver for their first tour was the reason for waking up and having breakfast early. However, the driver's vehicle broke down on that morning itself! Since they had the whole day to themselves, they decided to try the spa in the villa grounds. Rooms were located beside a stream, and they opened up to the forest. Airy.

The assigned couple room.

Flowers on the parapet

A flower bath to top off the Balinese massage and green tea scrub.

It was about 1pm after their spa treatment, and they were hungry again. Requested for some afternoon tea snacks which promptly got delivered to their villa.

Fried banana fritters (goreng pisang) with water melon juice.

Then it was time for some exploration. Luckily, he had done some research on the area, and made use of Nefatari's complimentary shuttle service to town. The villa's staff, Gede, drove them to Ibu Oka for some famed "babi guling" (suckling pig). This time, luck was on their side. A freshly roasted pig was delivered just as they reached the place.

Roasted pig on the table, waiting to be cut and served.

Having eaten roasted pig so many times in his life, he was skeptical about this babi guling. When it arrived, the thin crispy skin, and the tender and moist meat won them over. Tender and moist? Not something you expect from roasted pig huh. The "special" set came with some crispy chopped up innards, a bit of blood sausage and vegetables (sayur) on the side.

A better picture of what's in the plate. Snapped by her.

Since it was just beside the Ubud Palace (Puri Saren) and Ubud Market, they had things to see and do through the day. Towards the end, they browsed the streets along Jalan Raya Ubud and stopped at Jalan Campuan. Tried to borrow a telephone from a provision shop to call Nefatari for pick up, but the proprietor was not helpful. Tired, hungry and left with no choice, he called using his mobile. The "value for money" service from the service provider cost him ~$10 for 3 minutes, crazy rates...

Ketut came to the rescue and brought them back to comfort. Back at the villa, the staff set the dinner table and placed lighted candles around the perimeter of the pool for a romantic setting.

Pool view...

With Buddhas watching their backs.

Starter of mixed vegetables in a crispy wrap. Not too sure what this was called.

Sipped his beer while waiting for the mains to arrive.

Finally! Steak with mash potato and vegetables. Potato had a chunky texture, and the steak was thick and filling.

Dinner from her perspective

Dessert, with the familiar lizard burying its head in his ice cream. The colored round things you see are actually melons. Probably scooped out for that shape.

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