Tuesday, August 9, 2011

07 August 2011 - Kiseki

He was feeling lethargic due to the stalemate with throat/nasal infection, and also sustained a wisdom tooth extraction in midweek. But she said that to recover, one should act as if he weren't sick. So they ended up going for her shopping trots.

*few hours flew by*

Then came the dilemma, to eat in town or to have beef noodles at Lai Lai. As they walked on pondering, it was decided that they eat at Kiseki since they had crab and sashimi cravings. Prices went up by $2++ to $34.80++

Crab legs and mussels. He had plenty of snow crab legs and flower crabs. Sweet stuff, but probably bad for the wound. Ate with the right side of his jaw... probably took 2 times the time to eat.

Sweet sweet flower crabs

Sashimi and skewers of pork, curry sausages and prawns. The prawns were covered in salt and barbecued, perfect to awaken the taste buds of the sick. They also had skewers of chicken liver that were slathered with yakitori sauce, good stuff.

Baked shellfish - mussels and scallops covered in mentaiko.

More skewers, just can't stop... yet.

Fried food, polished off by her

Savoury seafood soup, never fails to whet appetite.

And finally some pretty looking dessert. These were very evil though, chock full of thick chocolate, no hollow spaces.

If you're wondering about the lack of pictures, it was because he had his hands full of crab...

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