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30 June 2011 - To Tunjung Mas Bungalows and the long stroll

After a three night stay at Nefatari, it was time to move hotels. Reluctant as they were, they didn't have much of a choice, since Nefatari had been fully booked. Let's view some breakfast pictures from the final day at Nefatari.

Omelette, sausage and bacon.

Bubur Ayam, arranged slightly differently from the previous.

Mie Goreng again for him

The final morning spread at Nefatari. Their watermelon juice was good, sweet and pulpy, a regular with their meals.

Ayu processed their check-out and the bill came to USD440 for lodging package, 350,000rp for the 2 hour spa and 188,000rp for Bebek Betutu dinner with Bintang and watermelon juice. Gede ferried us and a Caucasian lady who wanted to head to Starbucks. Our destination? Tunjung Mas Bungalows, lodging for the final night of the trip.

Finally reached Tunjung Mas Bungalows.

While processing their check-in at Tunjung Mas Bungalows, they were served with fruit juice. Cool and refreshing.

Her contribution in brighter colors.

They did not engage the driver as they did not know what time they would be done with checking in. The driver did not seem keen on the half-day (2pm-7pm) job either. His worries were unfounded though, as the check-in was a breeze. After a rest, they prepared to go explore the area and visit Ubud market again. Komang kindly provided a photocopy of the area map, and it was a reassuring asset. It would prove to be a very long walk...traced in red.

Monkeyed around at the batik store just outside Tunjung Mas before turning right of the hotel, heading north on Hanoman. Lots of shops and restaurants, they also passed by Bebek Bengil, but it was too early to eat. After what seemed like hours, they finally reached Dewi Sita. By this time, they were already hungry and stopped by Warung Kacu.

Ordered Nasi Campur, Soto Ayam and Sate Babi, all for 45,000rp. Affordable, but would it be good?

6 sticks of Sate Babi for 15,000rp. The sauce is more savoury as compared to the sweet peanut sauce used back at home.

Nasi Campur for just 20,000rp. Consisted of one stick of pork sate, half an egg, some fried chicken and fried anchovies.

Soto Ayam for him, 10,000rp. More soupy than the version he knows, but contained a generous serving of shredded chicken.

Continued on the journey to Ubud market, and it was lucky that they closed at 5pm. Spared him the agony of nagivating the maze. On the return route, they took the Jalan Monkey Forest route, and encountered some screeching monkeys fighting and running across their paths in the dark. When they finally got to Jalan Raya Pengosekan, their stomachs started to complain. Browsed the restaurants for sate lilit, but couldn't find any. They ended up venturing further south and checked into the relatively empty Warung Ubud.

Got the platform seating right beside the road. The restaurant had really dim lighting and tea light candles on the table.

Beef Stroganoff for her, cost 32,000rp plus tax. Lighting was insufficient and it was difficult to focus. Sorry about the pictures.

BBQ pork ribs for him, 35,000rp plus tax.

The fulfilling meal marked the last dinner in Bali.

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