Saturday, July 9, 2011

29 June 2011 - Kintamani tour

Did he say that he liked the breakfast Mie Goreng at Nefatari?

Nasi Goreng, a savoury breakfast for her.

Met up with the driver and headed to Kintamani to view Mount Batur and Lake Batur. Sadly, it rained and the area was all clouded. Never got a proper opportunity to capture the sights.

Still full from breakfast, they decided against opting for buffet lunch that was catered for tourists. Such restaurants seem to provide good views of Mount Batur in good weather though.

They just continued walking along the street, fending off the touts while trying to take pictures. Saw some sort of viewing gallery with less people, and spotted a Bakso Mie stall. The fruit seller from the stall beside hounded them as they approached, even as they tried their best to refuse her politely. While having their Bakso Mie and swatting countless flies, the fruit seller returned and pushed a peeled rambutan into their faces before leaving. The mistake here was eating that one fruit. Almost magically, the tout popped up with a small bag of fruits and tried to charge 40,000 rp. Reminded of the advice he was given, be firm, smile and walk away. Not giving up, the tout slashed the price to 10,000 rp, but they were not interested at all, and left her cursing away.

10,000rp for Bakso Mie, probably tourist price as they saw 5,000rp Bakso Mie in warungs along the way. Their driver maintained that 10,000rp was the same price the locals paid though. This was a salty soup with some chicken meat balls, crackers and a few strands of mung bean vermicelli.

Left for a coffee farm visit, and was brought to Abian Sari Agro Wisata. Coffee Luwak was available for 50,000rp a cup as shown in the menu. Other samplers were free. Spent 70,000rp on a box of dried Rosella, as he didn't know what else to get for his parents.

Cuppa Coffee Luwak in the middle, surrounded by the samplers.

Her artsy perspective.

The napping luwak, which partially digests the coffee beans for the coffee product. Yeah, retrieved from its excretion.

Excreted coffee seeds.

Unripe coffee fruit are green, while ripe ones are red. Apparently, the luwak even knows which of the ripe ones taste good.

The cleaned luwak coffee seeds are roasted for about an hour before pounded into powder.

Coffee powder, roasted coffee seeds and unprocessed coffee seeds.

Cocoa fruit.

Cocoa seeds.

Headed back to Nefatari for another massage at 5pm and to have Bebek Betutu (smoked duck) for dinner at 7pm. The massage ended at 6pm and left them hungry. Dialed reception and they kindly sent them some complimentary afternoon tea even though it was evening. Such great service, don't you think so?

Fast forward to the dinner setting in the villa. One whole smoked duck accompanied by a serving of Urab.

Urab of spiced chopped beans. Balances out the yummy duck meat.

Star of the dinner - Bebek Betutu. Never knew duck meat could be so tender. He has had braised duck, roasted duck but those had dry and tough meat. This smoked duck was so tender they left only the head and buttocks untouched. Could it be the genus of duck? Liked the unique seasoning and also did not detect any gaminess. Paid 150,000rp nett and they felt that it was worth every rupiah.

Another of her contribution. He's grateful that there's another photographer on the trip to provide other perspectives and also to provide backup for shots that he may have missed.

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