Monday, November 15, 2010

14 Nov 2010 - Yuki Yaki

He saw Citibank 1 for 1 Sunday dinner buffet at Indulge at Grand Park, Grand Park Hotel City Hall. Nothing's free in this world, better check if the deal's still on. He tried calling the listed numbers restaurant reservation, hotel reception, and none of his calls were picked up. Adopted an apprehensive approach and reached the restaurant at 4+pm, where the reservations counter was manned by one lady. They stood in front of her while she was very busy answering 2 telephones that kept ringing, jotting down room service details, etc.

Tired of standing, he approached the hotel reception for help, which couldn't help out in any way. After what seemed like eternity, the desk phone finally stopped ringing and the tired restaurant reservations lady asked what they wanted. He then asked to reserve seating for 2, and she immediately informed them that the Citibank promo quota had been reached. It sounded very nonsensical to him at that moment, and he decided so have dinner elsewhere instead.

Grand Park Hotel City Hall lobby, the only thing we got out of the trip there.

It was a rainy day, and she was unhappy that she didn't get to have her international buffet. Perhaps they should have just continued with the plan. In any case, it was still 1.5 hours to dinner, so he decided for them to try something more novel.

Got over to Marina Square and checked themselves into Yuki Yaki. It's been around for years but it's his first time eating there. Supposed to be a 2-hour buffet and 0.5 hour DIY ice cream session.

Started off with fried salmon skin, octopus, nuggets and some sushi.

The attentive young waitress set up the barbecue for them, and left some butter to melt.

The master grilling the different marinated beef

After one grill, the foil would have become charred. To minimise wastage of the foil, they grilled seafood on it before having it changed. The mussels were OK but the bamboo clams were too fishy.

Her favourite snack/appetiser of pickled seaweed.

His - salmon sashimi.

After the foil change, she fought for her turn to grab the food. Salmon chunks, chicken wings mid-joints and more beef.

The second round of sashimi - she liked the prawns while he found them a little squishy, mushy...

Twin-sharing pot of herbal chicken soup and miso soup. She brought over 2 large servings of vegetables and mushrooms nonchalantly, claiming it would be easy to finish them. Guess what? He ended up having to be the receptacle.

After 2 hours of struggle, it was time to switch the hot plate for the cold plate. Ice cream making time! Their waitress transferred them to another table so that they could start making ice cream in a shorter time, instead of waiting for their hot plate to cool.

Let the games begin! DIY ice cream, they played like kids. Choco-mint mix in this picture.

Either chocolate or cappuccino, can't remember.

Mint ice cream

The making of vanilla ice cream. Spread the ice cream on the cold plate, sprinkle in toppings, let it cool for a bit before moulding.

One eyed skull ice cream drawing which they left for a long while, forgetting to flip. Tasted more of ice than cream.

Durian ice cream

Moulding the chocolate ice cream into a rectangular shape.

DIY ice cream roll

When it was time to call it a day, they realised that they had been in the restaurant for 3.5 hours. So tough on the stomach... and health probably took a hit.

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  1. The food looks amazing, based on your advice I'll be sure to make my restaurant reservations really early to ensure I don't miss out on the international buffet.