Saturday, November 6, 2010

the enjoyable 2 weeks down under (17 Oct - 2 Nov 2010)

been away from the country for 2 weeks. this time, the overseas assignment was for them to go to Yeppoon, Queensland, Australia.

every shop in the vicinity would not be opened when they set off for work, and would be closed when they returned at the end of the day. the most important thing was to stock up with fresh produce. their first shopping spree was at Coles, Keppel Bay Plaza. for much of the first week, all he ate was boiled corn, carrots (~AUD1 for a kilo) and cocktail sausages (~AUD2 for 500g). no other cooking method was used, the only medium was water. well, not that bad, he had milk (~AUD1 for 1 litre), carbonated lemonade (~AUD2 for 2 bottles) and XXXX bitter (~AUD30 for a dozen) for drinks.

soon, he got tired of it and decided to get more variety, and this time round, they visited Woolsworth at Yeppoon Central Mall. bought potatoes (~AUD4 a kilo), cheese, eggs (~AUD3 a dozen) and instant noodles(homebrand ~AUD1 for packs for 5).

shown below would be the more palatable pictures.

milk from Coles' housebrand, looks like an advertisement huh

XXXX bitter - his favourite Australian beer

drained instant noodles with melted cheese, sausages and poached egg. first ate this cheese noodles when a classmate cooked for the project group. adds to taste especially when you're cooking with water, and have no oil, salt or pepper. you'll see how much more handy the cheese comes in in the other pictures.

the sun rose at 5am every morning, shining through the shades. signalled that it was time to wake up and make breakfast.

he just loves to eat at the balcony, good breeze, fresh air, infinity view.

close up of the smoking breakfast on another day. the hot potatoes had melted the cheese into a perfect coating. hopefully, it wasn't because he was too hungry that he thought that it was great stuff.

closeup of the melted coating

potato salad with grated carrot - the budget mayonnaise that he bought was not the kind of mayo he had expected. perhaps it lacked the mustard factor? he only attempted this once, and the rest of the mayo become dip for cracker.

on another day when the boss came by, a dinner gathering was organised at Sizzler. he probably had the heaviest meal of them all, a 500g T-bone. he enjoyed the salad bar more than the mains though, haha.

sidetracking a little from the food stuff. his lodging Villa Mar Colina was set upon a bluff, overlooking the sea. very neat.

check out the view from behind the kitchen sink. solid stuff.

but alas, not matter how reluctant one is, all good things have to come to an end...

the beautiful rocky coast...

the beach with fine powdery sand...

he had to leave all these to return to where his heart belonged

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