Sunday, November 14, 2010

Food splurge - 13 Nov 2010

had agreed that they would go take photographs instead of the usual shopping at the same malls, same shops every weekend. alighted at dhoby gaut to finalise booking for their cruise first. once that was done, they randomly walked along bras basah road until she claimed to be hungry (which was an understatement, you'll see why later). kopitiam was too crowded, so they continued their walk.

crossed the junction and walked across chijmes. cosafe is still standing, but the other pubs seem to have long gone. with raffles city in sight, and his sweat tap at full blast, they decided to beat the heat and humidity in the shopping mall.

unfortunately, (fortunately to some), the shops she likes are here, there, everywhere. not much of choice but to let her browse till her heart's content, which didn't really happened. it was hijacked halfway through when she remembered that she was hungry. walked around the basement and the big banner of sliders pulled her into The Hand Burger.

sharpening the utensils while waiting

she declared that she wanted to have all four different sliders, and that's what they ordered. available during tea time from 3pm-6.30pm. 1 for $3 and 4 for ~$10.80

the original beef - got grabbed by her.

bacon wrapped chicken - his choice of poultry anyway

dory fish - somehow it tasted like fish cake, liked the spicy flavour though.

pulled pork - she didn't like the barbecue sauce, too sourish for her. so he gladly finished it up.

next up, she wanted some dessert... and they went to for some donuts. horror, horror, 6 donuts ordered. couldn't find the almond one he had the other time, so he let her take her pick.

more sinfully glazed and cream filled stuff

eating the donuts were a mess and they had to visit the washroom again to clean the hands. walking out from the nicely lit aisle led them to Shokudo, a Marche-styled Japanese food bazaar. had some pickled seaweed and braised shellfish. $10++ for these 2 small bowls.

finally could exit from an enclosed area and get some fresh air, walked across the war memorial park. entered the new part of citilink mall through the esplanade exit E for more scares.

her tummy is a bottomless pit, even more bottomless than his! at the right of exit E was a dim sum shop, and she had them seated at a table in no time. total cost came up to $10.40

xiao long bao in baking cups, interesting

teochew siew mai, green and topped with fish roe, first time trying this

sichuan style chicken feet - spicy but she still finished it all

had a hard time nursing the sick stomach back to health, but...we'll see what happens next

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