Saturday, August 3, 2013


IKEA makes you want to spend. And there's also GIANT just opposite.

Today, he bought the tool set and the screwdriver set, for the mallet and ease of driving the screw into the walls.

Earlier in the afternoon, the Samsung RT32 refrigerator and Samsung WF1804 washer were delivered. He had bought from Ever Joint as he found Richard a responsible merchant. Previously, the oil tray was found missing from his Fujioh FX900. Called the distributor but they wanted him to pick it up himself and pay $15 for the plastic oil tray. Fed back to Richard and he promised to help delivery the oil tray free of charge. And he did. Another problem cropped up though, the washer's inlet tube did not fit and he would need to separately get a special tube.

The 5-step aluminum ladder also arrived, $60. The delivery man also offered to take measurements of his store and suggested getting a 54" rack for $120. Told him that he would consider.

On the way home, he stopped by AMK Hub to purchase a $39.90 SONA bagless handheld vaccuum cleaner.

Zip back to the previous week. Bought a broom set from Japan Home for $5.90, but was so disappointed that it couldn't sweep things up properly. Headed to IKEA next and got a set of 3 scissors for just $1.90. Littlest Bro wanted to visit GIANT and so there they went. Walked until both the Mom and Littlest Bro were tired. Bought the spinning mop for $19.99, a bundle of 24pcs clothes hangers for $4.99 for the laundry yard. The mop spins in the water to rinse, and then spins in the drainer to reduce excess water. Cool stuff. It wasn't too nice to mop with though, the "hair" didn't feel thick enough.

Also saw this dining table set which he quite liked. Appeared solidly built, but he's still thinking of getting a solid wood dining table. Maybe this from Picket and Rail. Or maybe a Scanteak. But the the extendable BJURSTA also looks like a more flexible option. Hmm.

Oh, and did he say the lights were up?

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