Saturday, August 10, 2013

Snowballed updates

3 and 4 Aug was drilling day. Dad brought his hammer drill to help with the installation of bathroom accessories. It was really a tough job, and he should have just gotten the contractor to do it. Nevertheless, it was a good father and son bonding session. Fixed up the bathroom accessories and the air-con remote control holders.

Sketching on paper the outline and position of the drill hole. This would ensure greater accuracy for drilling. Many thanks to Google.


Done up the master bath. Weird layout, many thanks to HDB. He considered himself lucky, some neighbours had the basic right underneath the window, how would you place your mirror then?

Master bathroom

Slightly better layout at the common bathroom.

Common bathroom

And the weak Li-on screwdriver bit from IKEA. Instead of screwing, it got screwed.

Screwdriver that got screwed

Also, bought the adaptor to fix up the inlet for the washer. Had to screw the 4 screws onto the metal part just above the black rubber washer.

Adapted hose from the value store

The tap without screw threads, hence can't be used with the conventional hose/pipe.

New concept pipe, introducing incompatibility

 8 Aug was Hari Raya Puasa, and 9 Aug was National Day.

On 8 Aug, met up with a colleague to visit Tilam King, and got their Luxury series. Was looking for mattress with latex top, and was very tempted by Serta and Dunlopillo. The price points were a little on the high side though, hence he decided to look around a bit more. Then he saw Tilam King on one of the Facebook ads. Click in, read up a little, and decided to try the real thing for himself.

The latex is apparently manufactured using the Dunlop process, but it somehow felt more plush than the Dunlopillo Acquario he was eyeing. The pocketed springs were also from Leggett and Platt, if it matters to you.

Paid $1799 for a king-size mattress, and another $50 for 2x pocketed spring latex pillows. A mattress protected was also thrown in. No extra charges for moving the mattress up the stairs.

His colleague got the last piece of Friven co-branded mattress and a bed-frame.

On 9 Aug, he had to purchase a new set of spectacles. The leg of his current one snapped the previous night, and he's blind as a rat without them. And they were bought just Dec'12.

Handicapped spectacles

Called the optical shop was informed that he had to wait for several days before it could be ready. He then decided to go to the town centre, and was pleasantly surprised when they could provide the spectacles in just 30-minutes. Got some TEK-ZIORA spectacles, the one in yellow. Paid $180 for that. Also, glad that his power did not increase. While waiting, he went window-shopping at Defu Furniture and Summer Homes (very little display), with bed-frames and dining tables in mind.

After regaining his eyesight, he met up with a friend at Tan Boon Liat Building, a place where furniture shops congregate. Some were not open on this public holiday.

Christine from Mountain Teak was very friendly and patient. They're located on #7 if he remembers correctly.
Nice teak table from Mountain Teak. Should be nicer if some cushion/fabric were slapped onto the seats and their backing? Hmm.

And a nice view across.


Got to feel the difference between rubberwood and teak, and also the build quality from different shops. Need to re-do the budget.

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  1. Hi... You only paid $180 for tek-ziora spectacles frames plus lenses? How much are your degrees?