Sunday, August 18, 2013

 Over this weekend, more of his orders came.

 First to arrive was his doob bean bag. Got a large Plopsta ($269) for its waterproof properties.

Personalized touch.

However, he regrets that he should have just stuck with his original choice of doobsta, finished with a softer material. You know that stretchy and soft feeling when you sink into a bean bag?

Big enough to seat 2 on its length.

Took a photo in an attempt for the doob rebate.

Guitar on its throne.

Then came the bed frame from S&C Furniture. Unfortunately, they came with the wrong plastic legs, and thankfully, they could not be attached to the underside. Immediately called the boss, Melvin, and confirmed that the legs should have been wooden ones. Rescheduled the installation.

Couldn't settle for any other colors, somehow. $580.

S&C also delivered the shoe rack. Finished in glossy paint. The edges had some black lines, he'll feedback to Melvin and see what he can do. Otherwise, it's something he can live with, it's a shoe rack anyway.

Shoe rack for $320.

The mattress that came really last. Bought the Luxury series from a local company called Tilam King. 10cm latex top, with individual pocketed springs. It was really comfortable at the showroom, and he immediately placed an order for it. Silly him, should have bargained first, no thanks to excitement. Was also looking at the Lady Americana Chanity series, but ended up opting for this, as the latex top felt softer.

Mattress left in the living room.

Strummed his out-of-tune guitar, and hurt his delicate fingers. Hmm. How long hasn't he fondled her.

Sinking in and enjoying the air-con.

Workers came by with the corrected wooden legs, but something feels wrong about the installation of the legs. Took a picture to consult Melvin.

4 legs on one segment, 6 on another? Feels wrong.

Fixed, but he did not put the mattress on yet. Not until he gets clarification from Melvin.

All fixed up, or is it?

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