Sunday, August 18, 2013

Super Sunday

Dragged all her clothes there today. Had to take a detour under the scorching Sun, so that he could wheel it all the way. Heavy stuff, no kidding. All sweaty and tired when he reached the unit.

Going on an overseas trip? Almost.

Washed the Friven bedsheets, and the Friven mattress protector (by Tilam King). Hung them up to dry, not before cleaning the super dirty poles. The wind stopped blowing once he hung them up. Hurrrrrrr.

Put her clothes into the wardrobe.

Powered on the refrigerator for the first time.

Aired the bean bag.

Cleaned the mirror cabinets, the glass shelves, and the towel racks. Put a fresh toilet roll into the roll holder. Brought shampoo and facial foam over to meet their friends, body foam and hand soap.

Moved, unpacked and laid the mattress. With the help of T, of course.

Tilam King Luxury series on top of Casa divan

Scrubbed the floor, then mopped it up. Still some stains left, gotta remember to buy lemons the next time.

Cleared out the storeroom and mopped it up.

Tried to clean the 30-year old pots given by Mom. Only to find a huge-ass fat silverfish with its family inside the set of 4 pots. Soaped them down, but when overturned to drain, some brownish-black liquid came out from the side of the pots. Dumped them immediately. Eew.

Then it was for the mega family reunion dinner (4 tables), rushed there, but he was late. Then the awkward thing happened. The contractor came by with his family and sat at the table next to Granny. He went over to say hello, and as it was just beside Granny, she and one of the aunts asked about his renovation problems, and he had to tell them that the renovation contractor was just beside them. Embarrassing. Hot on the heels of this conversation, another uncle came by and asked loudly about the resolution of his bad experiences. He also had to tell him that the contractor was just beside them. Awkward max.

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