Sunday, August 11, 2013

Discovery while cleaning

10 August

Went to City Square Mall to visit Picket and Rail, but the colors on the dining tables were a tad too dark. Went next door to V.Hive and saw a nice TV console, and mix of white gloss and wood-grain. That was only available in 120cm length though. Had a quick meal at Long John Silver before heading to the flat.

Cleaned out the wardrobe, and found out that several panels were not level. While dusting the place, the duster got hooked on top of one of the doors. Touching the surface felt rough, so he decided to climb up and check.

Disappointment. Just what did he pay for? Called up David of Bonzon 2000 Design and Contract, but David was rude and loud. He claimed that this was expected, and nobody had ever complained except for him. Checked the top of the other room door, and it was well finished, unlike this one. Explained to David that he only got to check because the duster got caught, but David challenged him and asked if he wanted reimbursement for the duster. Such irresponsibility. It's clearly a problem with the door, not the duster.

Seriously thinking of consolidating the defects and emailing RADAC. Totally no integrity. First of all, the wrong doors were installed, and yet David kept quiet (he said he would let it slip by if not discovered). He did offer a discount on the doors if he would keep them, and that offer was taken up. Never expected it to be such shoddy work.

Unfinished surface

More unfinished surface

Much as he was agitated, but work still has to be done. Touched up the paint on the chips on the walls, the cracks at the skirting. Cleaned out the refrigerator and washed some of the panels. Some were smeared with too much glue.

Also fixed up some door buffers to curb doors with tendencies to smash into the walls. Bought this from Nippon Home at Buangkok.

Stick-ons instead of screw-ons

This was affixed onto the wall adjacent to the kitchen cabinet door. Fixed another one on one of the cabinets to prevent them from slamming into each other. And the last one on the wall of the main door, with the location marked clearly by Dad, having grounded a depression into the wall the other time.

Stuck on the wall, hope it lasts

And beautiful skies to ease unpleasant emotions away.

XPERIA SP colors turn out weird

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