Sunday, August 11, 2013

Bedframe and shoe-rack done

Dropped by S&C Furniture Dynamic, and purchased his divan and shoe rack.

Was mulling between cream, mocha or white for the divan. Cream out as the walls were also cream, mocha was perceived to be stain-resistant, white was nice, but might yellow in the long run.

Guess which he chose in the end?


They didn't have wood finishes for the shoe rack, it was only gloss white or black. Ended up getting white again.

Spent a total of $900 today.

Was recommended this extendable dining table. Looks quite good, and was quoted $1,500. Need to think a little more about it though.

Prefers a lighter color. But this looks good anyway.

Oh, and he just purchased a doob Plopsta bean bag online.

Spent about $3,000 just this weekend. Gotta "eat grass" already.

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