Sunday, March 25, 2012

24 Mar 2012 - Yomenya Goemon and Genki Sushi

Had wanted to have ramen, but there were long queues everywhere, Tampopo, Ippudo... so they ended up at 313@Somerset.

Opted for Gomenya Goemon, since they hadn't tried it before. The display window "hinting" at what they serve.

She got a "half and half" set of vongole and carbonara. Came with soup, and choice of dessert or drink. $20++.

A cup of soup served while waiting for the carbo-treat.

Her set was the first to arrive. The vongole bianco was delicious, with the appetizing aroma of garlic and herb.

The carbonara with egg yolk sitting pretty in the middle looked even more inviting. After mixing in the yolk, it was a richness indescribable. So good the thought of lapping of the gravy crossed mind.

Finally, his cuttlefish ink pasta arrived to made his lips black like he had been poisoned. Doesn't look appetizing? Looks can be deceiving. The sprinkle of tasty dried fish roe was well received, complimenting the already fragrant garlic and olive oil base. This set $16++ came with a drink and a bowl of salad. Which reminds him, the salad also had tasty bits, which he suspects to be dried fish.

Matcha jelly and ice cream for dessert.

Afterwards, she kept nagging about sashimi, something she had done daily for some weeks. Sick.

Went to next door to Genki Sushi, Orchard Central to finish up.

Orders arrived on a rocket.

Could never do without refreshingly cold salmon sashimi $5.80++.

Seared black pepper salmon, $2.30++

Salmon rolls $5.80++. Can't get enough of the flavorsome salmon roe.

Also ordered one botan shrimp sushi each, $5.80++ per shrimp. Flesh looks really smooth, texture was firmer than amaebi and the flesh was also quite sweet.

Came with the head, deep-fried so that you could finish it all up. This one came blind in one eye though. No discount.

Her botan shrimp "reanimated".

There's one last dish of whole sea eel, but the picture's nowhere to be found. Also $5.80++.

That's all, folks.

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