Saturday, March 17, 2012

15 Mar 2012 - Genki Sushi

Got nagged at to eat out on a daily basis, finally relented this day.

Met up at Genki Sushi, Orchard Central. Guess the iPad ordering system and the train delivery is still fascinating, to some.

Sushi on F1, anyone?

Ate a lot, and some hadn't got a chance to smile for the camera.

Flying fish roe.

Shrimp roe.

Shrimp and flying fish roe vis-a-vis.

Whole sea eel, with a mound of rice wrapped within the fold.

Seared salmon.

Salmon and roe don, loved the flavour bursts from each roe.

The "yolk".

Northern shrimp sashimi (amaebi?). Sweet little shrimps.

Swordfish belly was disappointing, the surface was rough, suggested poor knife-skills?

Medium fatty tuna also disappointed, had a very fishy smell, couldn't match up with the experience during the previous visit. And this cost $15.80++.

Egg custard with crab meat. The broth topping was reminiscent of Chinese-style chicken stock with crab meat soup. Egg custard was really smooth though, with other ingredients like fish cake, shiitake mushroom slices and crab stick.

Fried oysters, spurted hot oil.

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