Thursday, March 22, 2012

20 Mar 2012 - Dian Xiao Er

They had the Set A the last time they visited Dian Xiao Er. This time round, he picked Set B ($38++) - consisting of Steamed Rice, Roasted Duck with Ten Wonder Herbs, Stir-fried Chinese Yam and Black Fungus, Mongolian Spare Ribs, and Soup of the Day was corn and carrot soup. He found the soup a little too oily, but that could have been contributed by the spare ribs in the soup.

The pork ribs were succulent, slathered generously with sauce. Tasted a little like satay sauce, except that it was a little spicy and saltier.

Chinese yam was refreshingly crunchy, the mom usually cooks this in soup until it has a soft texture.

Roast duck, one of his favourite meats. Preferred the Angelica herb sauce to this "Ten Wonder Herb" sauce. Meat was tender and skin was crispy, perfect duck meat.

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