Saturday, March 17, 2012

16 Mar 2012 - Pin Si AMKHub

Dined out for the second consecutive day. Was queuing at Pepper Lunch until she suggested trying the Cantonese restaurant at the basement. Realised afterwards that there was no service charge, only tax.

The bubbly waitress took orders in advance from people standing in the queue so that they wouldn't have to wait long after getting seated.

Ordered braised pork hock for $6.80+, didn't expect the serving to be so generous. This was easy on the seasoning, felt like a healthy version. Loved the gelatinous skin.

Seafood rice in soup, had huge chunks of fish and a few shrimps. This was listed as "seafood fried rice" in the receipt, costing $8.80+. Simple dish, comforting to eat. A little too pricey though.

The popular sweet and sour fried fish slices as recommended by the waitress. $8.90+. Not too bad.

Salt-baked chicken.

The entire salt-baked chicken set, $8.80+. Rice wasn't oily, soup was light, and chicken was also easy on seasoning. Seemed like the cafe had a healthy notion going on.

After all that food, she still wanted mango pudding, $3.50+. Ouch.

Seating areas were cramped, but the service was really good. Waiters and waitresses were smiley and attentive.

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