Tuesday, January 3, 2012

31 Dec 2011 - New Year's Eve

Bought the $7.50 Toffee Nut Frappe and Berry Cheesecake combo from McCafe, accumulated the third stamp and redeemed a complimentary Caramel Frappe. See that cheesecake hiding in the background?

Without prior reservation for dinner, they could only try their luck. Kiseki was fully reserved, and they had to join the long waiting list. Walked on and found some relatively empty restaurants along Orchard Road, but she insisted on going to the Bugis area for the Chongqing BBQ fish again. Went all the way there just to disappoint herself, it was full house, and the waiting time was at least half an hour. Probably not, their waiting list didn't look that short.

She already looked very glum, and glummer when she saw the queue at Ma Maison. Decided not to wait and continued, settling for the relatively empty NYDC.

Got 2 sets of medium well steaks, and another frappe for her. Cost more than $50 in total.

Something from a few days back, escargot from the supermarket. Ready for the oven. ~$8-9 a dozen-pack. Not that nice, some tasted muddy.

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