Tuesday, January 3, 2012

2 Jan 2012 - First Poly-mates Dinner of 2012

Happy New Year's to one and all. Wishing everyone happiness and good health.

Monday was a holiday, and they all met up for the first gathering in 2012. It was arranged as The House of Robert Timms, Wheelock Place, because one of them worked there.

Another frappe for her, Macadamia Nut. $7.20++.

Mussels for him, $18.50++. Ordered the spicy chilli version, and the sauce was a delectable dip for the accompanying sticks of bread (he would have 3 servings). Mussels were soft and tender, you could "chew" them with your tongue.

One stick had gone missing... oh yes, and a pint of Victoria Bitter for $12++. Forgot about the picture though.

Braised Kangaroo Loin for her, $26.90++. Got it over crocodile meat, as it sounded like a safer bet. Like the fat-less version of beef. She wasn't too used to it though.

Crocodile Casserole for the brave Jinenji. $23.80++. Not too sure what it tasted like, will fill in his comments once he has them.

Bacon and Mushroom Fettucine, $18.50++. Shared by one loving couple. Probably should try sharing food next time, cut down on spending, and cut down on weight gain.

She scrutinized the cake menu...

... and the Oreo Dream Bar had her give in to her sweet tooth. $4.50++.

Chocolate Brownie Stack of one of the wives. $6.90++. Sinfully fudgey.

A treat from one of the ex-classmates. How do you share 5 cakes amongst 14 people...

So many other dishes got left out, he needs to find his passion for photography again. Images had been her responsibility in recent, he only afforded his time to the eat.

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