Sunday, December 25, 2011

24 Dec 2011 - Chongqing Grilled Fish

She was nagging about going to Chongqing Grilled Fish, about how good the fish was, and how much she wanted him to try it. Felt more like it was her who wanted to eat it again.

Ordered a mid-sized "mala" (spicy and numbing) "golden" grouper $28++, one serving of kelp $2.80++, a bowl of rice $0.80++ and 2x iced water, $0.40++ each. Grand total of $38.10.

The grilled fish was served in a shallow pan of mala soup and beneath the pan was some burning pieces of charcoal to keep the soup bubbling. You could still see some charring, and that probably provided the meat with the marvellous BBQ smell. Grilled fish in soup, huh? He usually has fried fish, or steamed fish with some dressing or gravy. The soup managed to diffuse flavour to every bit of the fish, it was some tasty grilled fish indeed. Now he feels like buying some mala soup base for "yong tau foo"... Maybe this could be done at the next class gathering too.

Hopped to Ji De Chi across the street, and had some dessert. Durian Sago and Bean Curd as per last week, and a bowl of cold Sesame "Smoothie". $9...

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