Wednesday, January 18, 2012

18 Jan 2012 - Astons Changi T1

Came to the airport and waited until Aston's starting business at 11.30pm. They were allocated the same seat as the last time. The leather covers were worn.

Medium-rare Prime Ribeye X'tra Cut ($18.50) with pasta salad and garden veggie. The waited served it to him instead, and looked a little surprised when told it was her. Girls eat big portions too! Hahaha. The pasta was a bit too soft, and was floury/powdery inside, so she left most of it untouched.

His medium-well Prime Ribeye ($15.90), with potato salad and onion rings. Smaller chunk of steak, but still good stuff. The potato salad seemed less tasty than before though.

Grand Sampler $13.90. Enjoyed the assortment of sausages, but it was a struggle for him when she claimed that she was full after a few bites-sized portions.

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