Tuesday, January 10, 2012

07 Jan 2012 - Xiao Bar Wang and 4fingers

She finally got to try the braised meat meal box $3.80 from Xiao Bar Wang. They'd used lean meat instead of all the fatty portions one would in Taiwan. It was still tasty anyway.

He decided to have the vermicelli soup (mee sua) $3.30 for the umpteenth time. That orange bit of chilli paste packed more than enough spice to leave him sweating. And also upset the digestive system a few hours later. Why did he ask for chilli, then? Because it's worth it.

After cleaning out the set above, they shuffled across to 4fingers for some crispy chicken wing parts. 1 piece of chicken means either the drumlet, or the mid-joint and wing. Asked for the a 12 piece set ($14.50 - upsized) with combo sauce, soy garlic + spicy. Outside crispy and the inside well marinated. Some pieces were a little too salty though.

Came with a drink, and fries sprinkled with some herb seasoning.

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