Sunday, January 15, 2012

14 Jan 2012 - Chinatown trip

McSpicy Double meal, mochaccino with cheesecake to start the day. You know it's a late start when the McSpicy goes up on the menu. About $14 in the stomach.

His doubly sinful burger. Crispy, spicy and wholesome chicken meat. Yum.

Mochaccino for her.

Cheesecake to go with.

Headed down to Chinatown to "soak" in the atmosphere. So crowded he almost soaked his shirt in sweat.

Mala cold dish for snacks at Chinatown. Numbing, spicy, savoury, just can't get enough of it. Got kelp, beef, pork and "phoenix claws" (chicken feet actually). Cost around $6.

Saw this interesting brand of dried durian, a pun on Andy Lau's Chinese name. It probably means the "essence of durians".

Went to Bugis to meetup her friend and it was food again. Desserts at Tang Shui Xian, because Ji De Chi was too crowded. Totalled slightly more than $10.

Mango shaved ice for him who needed to cool down.

Super Lemon Tea for the thirsty girl. The friend's soup dessert Cheng Tng in the background.

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