Sunday, December 18, 2011

16 Dec 2011 - Gathering with U-mates

The group agreed to have a dinner gathering at Sizzler, Suntec City Mall. Three out of six attendees managed to meet up two hours before the stipulated time. These people sat at Coffee Bean to catch up while waiting for the rest to turn up. It was recalled that the same thing happened at the last gathering, the same few people reached earlier than agreed, and met up at the same Coffee Bean branch. Lots of chatter ensued, and nobody realised how much time had passed. It was time to get some seats at Sizzler.

It was quite a long wait, probably got seated at around 8pm. Immediately attacked the salad bar. Ok, no quite, it was after ordering a medium well Sizzler Steak.

First blood. Had some artichoke hearts, beetroot and assorted mushrooms later on. Totally forgot about their picture.

The main course of 225g steak. Most of the group had their steak done medium rare, but their stake turned out dry. Oddly, his medium well steak was very juicy, meat was still red, and juiced the plate all over. He was the only one who ate his potato skins too. This set cost $29.99++.

After dinner, they went for some drinks at Paulaner.

Probably because they haven't met up for quite some time, people kept wanting to continue their conversations. So they left for Xin Wang Hong Kong cafe before they lost their voice to the loud music.

Each had yet another drink, and someone also ordered a fried bread thingy to share. Check out that oily thing.

Mocha + coke + beer + green tea in one evening, the stomach's sure to throw tantrums the next morning. And it did.

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