Sunday, December 11, 2011

10 Dec 2011 - Lai Lai Casual Dining @ NEX Mall

As always, he loves sleeping in on weekends. On this Saturday, they managed to pull themselves out at around 1pm for lunch. Took a bus to NEX Mall to settle the craving for Taiwanese braised beef noodles from Lai Lai Casual Dining.

Ordered 2x Special Set A ($12.90++), upsized to the largest bowl of noodles ($4++) and opted for tendon and meat mix ($1++). Worked out to $17.90++ per person.

Milk tea with chewy tapioca pearls. Sweet and aromatic.

Braised intestines, presentation's a little messy as compared to the outlet at Liang Seah Street. Had the same gamey smell though, perhaps it was meant to be that way. Otherwise, it was well softened and tasted fine.

Crispy chicken chunks with fried curry leaves on the side. Some of them felt dried and others seemed under-fried. He thinks that he had enjoyed better ones at Liang Seah.

Huge bowl of mung bean vermicelli, with big chunks of beef as usual. Unlike her usual self, she was unable to finish the serving. He had to help her with 2 piece of meat and the whole bundle of vermicelli.

He stuck with the springy Taiwanese style noodles. Similarly, this had lots of meat, but 2 or 3 chunks were like 3/4 fats. Not really edible, unless you could swallow the whole thing. This was the only meal he had for the day, so full that he could do without dinner.

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