Wednesday, December 7, 2011

07 Dec 2011 - Domino's Pizza

Had an early dinner and since they had some coupons, an order for Domino's was placed online to last the night. Cash was the only payment option. Got an extra large Hawaiian and two Lava Cakes for $30.87.

Was monitoring the GPS, Great Pizza Service tracker, and within 5 minutes, the order was processed. Things followed through smoothing, preparation, baking, packing and the likes. Within 20 minutes, the food had arrived at his doorstep.

Huge pizza box that couldn't go through the half-opened gate.

Complimentary onion rings. A little soggy, but still well-received.

Who has the larger wheel? Pizza versus onion rings for comparison's sake.

Each box of Lava Cake cost $3.80.

Can you see the passion flowing? It was a little salty, the non-dessert person doesn't know if it's supposed to be this way. But the contrast somehow complimented the sweetness of the chocolate filling.

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