Monday, November 28, 2011

25 Nov 2011 - Genki Sushi, Orchard Central

Met 2 ex-classmates for dinner, with the intention of having just 2 servings of sashimi. Bumped into two colleagues in the queue, and they were subsequently allocated tables just next to each other.

One would usually expect the food to be circulated on conveyor belt, but this restaurant had an interesting concept. An iPad for each table, where one may place an order of 4 items maximum at one go. The orders would then be delivered by train, a refreshing play on the conveyor belt system. 3 levels of tracks, the lowest level was the regular conveyor belt to circulate the wasabi, while the upper 2 levels were the railway. When you had retrieved the food from the train, you're supposed to send the train back to the kitchen, so that they may deliver food to others.

Had some chutoro (medium fatty tuna $15.80++), salmon ($5.80++), kajiki toro (swordfish belly $5.80++) and must say that he's really impressed. The slices were thick, firm and fresh, so good that even the two ladies enjoyed the sashimi.

Had some sushi, but the rice was not well pressed and fell apart easily. The one with prawn roe was also loosely topped, ended up spilling quite a bit of them.

No pictures, because his mobile went dead. Why? Played too much FIFA...

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