Sunday, November 20, 2011

19 Nov 2011 - Universal Studios Singapore

Woke up at around 8am but dilly-dallied before heading for breakfast at around 10am.

Had McDonald's Breakfast Deluxe with latte (~$6+$3) and Sausage McMuffin with Egg and Coke (~$4+$2). The drink upgrades brought the total damage up by around 50%, how dumb.

Arrived around 12pm at the Sentosa Express platform only to have the tram close its doors on them. Had to wait for the next one.

Battlestar Galactica, one of the rides they did not go on. Visits for the day included WaterWorld, Shrek 4-D, Madagascar Crate Adventure, Monster Rock, Transformers simulator. All with well-hidden long snaking queues.

After several hours in and out of the glaring sun, they had to find somewhere to rest and relax. Made a pit stop at Celebrity Cafe and got Oreo Cheese Cake with a cup of tea ($9.90), and Lemon Meringue ($4.50).

The cake looked really good from the display, but they were served a lopsided slice. It was also served in a paper holder instead of a proper plate. Disappointing presentation. Taste-wise, it was fluffy yet rich.

This was decadently sweet, but the refreshing lemon base balanced things out nicely.

Hunger set in just a while later, and they settled for the Chinese restaurant opposite the merchandise shop.

Grand decor of the dragon and phoenix on the wall.

Had the set dinner for 2 ($48.80++). First up was soup of the day, some pork ribs melon soup. Tasty stuff.

Then came the fish fillet with celery. Thick slices of fish which one could pull off flake by flake. Good stuff.

Barbecued platter of chicken and pork. Allocated the chicken wing portion, glad that the drumlet part was not too dry.

On the other side of the plate was the barbecued pork. Tasted different from what he was used to. Meat was more tender, but it was of a different flavour. She left this largely untouched.

Stayed around for the Lake Hollywood Spectacular at 9pm, basically just a show of fireworks. Passed by the Starbot cafe and just had to snap a picture of the futuristic interior.

Walked around to Ancient Egypt in a failed attempt at the rides. Ended up with a night shot with Battlestar Galactica in the background.

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