Sunday, November 13, 2011

12 Nov 2011 - Mushroom Pot

Craving for seafood and hot soup, it was a tough choice between Kiseki and Mushroom Pot in town. Had initially wanted to try out Tims Restaurant and Cafe at Braddell/Toa Payoh, but the rain brought about a change in plans.

Requested for best of both worlds, spicy soup and mushroom soup all in one pot.

They got to select 5 dishes of cooked food from the menu, while the rest would be steamboat/hotpot buffet. Covering only the cooked stuff here, as they would be too busy gorging themselves to take any pictures later.

Teriyaki scallops, missing American portions already.

Looks like sweet and sour pork, but it's actually Monkey Head Mushroom, Sichuan style.

These were the first three dishes to arrive, Sichuan Monkey Head Mushroom, Monkey Head Mushroom in cream, and teriyaki scallops.

Group photo for all five. Those on the left were the last to arrive, breaded shrimp and calamari with wasabi cream. Shrimp came piping hot, crisply breaded and the filling was crunchy.

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