Friday, April 1, 2011

27 Mar 2011 - SourMilk and Just Acia

Headed out to SourMilk on Sunday to redeem the last voucher they had. This time, she wanted to try and break the 260 grams limit that the cup was said to hold. Lo and behold, she got ~272 grams, 50 grams more than the previous time they visited. This time, they had green tea, tangerine and the original flavours. Looking at the topping makes him wonder if this has gone unhealthy.

After walking around town and causing some financial damage, her stomach took over. He initially suggested Fish and Co beside Park Mall, but both of them wanted to try something new instead. They came to the Dhoby Gaut underpass and got seated at Just Acia. Set meals came with free flow of drinks and ice cream, how good is that?

Looking at each other while waiting for the food... so he took a picture of the mugs.

His Mushroom Aglio Olio wa served first. This was watery instead of being oily. The garlic were also dry and clumped at the side. Didn't enjoy it.

Bulgogi set had deliciously marinated meat. This tasted much better than the spaghetti.

Soft-serve ice cream, 1 round for her and 3 rounds for him. There was only one young waiter doing the rounds at their area, that's why the empty plate was still in the background.

Scoops of different flavored ice cream - corn, yam, mango tangerine and strawberry.

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